During the journey of contructing and developing the company, Bach Tung's BOD always pay the great attention to the development factor of Corporate Culture

During the journey of contructing and developing the company, Bach Tung's BOD always pay the great attention to the development factor of Corporate Culture. Because Bach Tung Founder understands that - Corporate culture is the "soul" of the company, contributing to "determining the success or failure" of the Enterprise in the long term. Therefore, Bach Tung Company has built cultural values ​​that are not it is only expressed through identification system of the Company such as Logo, uniform, workplace, regulations, policies, etc., but also includes important intangible values ​​such as:

+ Bach Tung's vision, Core values, business philosophy, Bach Tung brand, leadership style, attitude, behavior, action, .. of each employee in the Company.

In order for each employee to instill Company Culture, from May 1, 2018 to May 21, 2018, Bach Tung launched a writing contest to learn about "Bach Tung's Culture". Through many rounds of screening until May 21, 2019, the Organizing Committee has selected 8 owners of 8 best articles for presentations and eloquence. After that, the organizers selected 4 best employees to award.

Through the contest and through the deeply sharing of Vice- Director Nguyen Ba Tong - The first person dedicated to contruct Bach Tung's Culture, once again all employees were reminded and understood more deeply and broadly. more about the scope of Bach Tung Cultural values.

Belong to Bach Tung, Corporate Culture will start from Business philosophy: "Business is serving society to create profits" which is a sustainable philosophy for long-term survival and development. Bach Tung's BOD do belive that each individual should to think and act according to the following rules:

Bach Tung was born with the Mission: Improving the labor value of each individual in BACH TUNG company and Contributing to raising the Vietnamese mechanical brand name.

Bach Tung's vision: to become an international brand in the field of machining precision mechanical components, bringing the Vietnamese mechanical brand to the world. ·       

The basic Bach Tung's value should be:

QUALITY is a necessary condition for survival ·       

CREATIVE is a necessary condition for development ·       

SYSTEM THINKING is an effective working method ·       

LISTENING for perfection and understanding.

LEARN FROM THE FAULT is the growth.

FAIR, CLEAN, UNITY are the mainstays of the common house BACH TUNG.      

Beside that, Bach Tung's Culture also show the Guideline and share to each employee the rules of communication and behavior in the environment of colleagues, superiors, subordinates, customers, suppliers, and the culture of behavior in family and friends with social,...

One more thing, Bach Tung always maintains a culture of loving, sharing and collective cohesion of employees into a Bach Tung family through organizing activities such as: Happy monthly birthday greetings to employees, Gifts. congratulate employees when getting married, having children, achieving high achievements at work; The whole Company donates to support when employees are in difficult circumstances, ... and finally rewards employees for team building trips at the end of the year.

In a high-tech and high-pressure production environment, the activity of the "Bach Tung's Culture" Competition is really meaningful and useful to help all employees to winden and enrich their knowledge, analytical thinking to apply in their work. in daily life and work.

Some pictures of the contest:


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